James Shutt

Hello, my name is James Shutt...

I built this website as a way for you to follow me and connect with me if you would like to…  let me give you a bit of history about myself and what I have done…

old-computer     My fascination with computers started in grade school back in the 80's using computers like the TRS80 and Commodore 64. Do you remember these dinosaurs?


Anyway, I discovered  years ago that I had an interest in learning computer code and web design that I still have to this day.


Family Business Furniture Refinishing

refinish-furniture     I grew up in a family business my grandfather started in 1944, working on antique furniture restoration with my father and brother, but I am just an average guy who works 8-5 during the day, and several hours at night and on weekends building my online business and websites for my clients. Above is an image of some furniture we refinished a few years ago.

Home Remodeling

     In 1992 I purchased a house that needed to be remodeled and I have been working on it ever since. Every project I do myself (and a few close friends help too) and before I get started I research online to find out the right way to do the projects. I'm not talking about small projects either… A few years ago I ripped off a whole section from my house and built an addition with a basement under it. I also installed the metal roof!

Family Life

     When I’m not busy working my day job or doing renovations to my home, I have a family too… I have raised two daughters and a son with my wife while trying to work nights on my internet marketing business.

Now that the kids are all grown and on their own we have become grandparents and have 3 beautiful grandchildren.


What's on the other side

I'm telling you all of this because, I want you to know I am a real person just like you. One of the biggest lessons  I have learned about Internet Marketing is – You have to network with like minded people and grow your circle of influence – it's okay to ask for help! Everyone starts their Internet Marketing business the same… alone and looking for guidance.

     This truly is the information age! EVERYTHING can be found online. I have researched Internet Marketing, Web Design, PHP coding, HTML, graphic design, video production, product creation… and the list goes on and on. Finding the information is one thing, learning what to do with that knowledge is another… Information WITHOUT Action will get you nowhere fast in the IM world.

I have had successes and failures just like the majority of people trying to “make it online”. I just refuse to give up on the dream that a successful online business can bring, and have decided to take massive action, step out of my comfort zone and see what is on the other side!

So if you are looking for someone that knows webdesign and building local business promotions or maybe you are interested in Internet Marketing as an affiliate or a product creator…  Maybe you are needing to set up a private membership website or you could be looking to get into a healthier lifestyle. I am here to help you if you ask!


Don't Get Mad...

I have made a nice supplemental income at times with things like Google AdSense and being an Amazon Affiliate but then something always seems to come along and wipe it out (Google). So I change my game plan and move on… This is what you need to realize, technology keeps changing and so do the ways you need to put your business in front of your potential clients. Throwing up a website and hoping something happens just won't work.

JamesShutt     I have purchased many products and coaching over the years to improve my online business. Some of the tools and products have been great while others didn’t work out at all. The majority of products seemed to be very short sighted and would only work for a short amount of time if at all. So I knew the product creators were leaving something out or just giving old information that was outdated by the time everyone got done reading their information.

Through the years I have found and made friends with a few mentors that are very successful at Internet Marketing, online sales, and product creation. These are the guys that don't “hype” the products and services they offer because they don't need to. Their products and services have been around for years and they continue to improve their products for their customers.

Get Even Better!!

By the end of 2013 I had burned myself out on internet marketing and decided to take some time away from it for a while. My wife suggested I help local businesses with the skills I learned over the years. I thought about it for about a month… Then I applied my internet marketing and design skills to help local businesses that needed web design and marketing to build their businesses.

I was able to make really good money helping these clients bring in more customers and help them grow their businesses. I was using video marketing and making some of the promotional videos with software called VideoMakerFX which has paid for itself many times over, my clients love the videos!

I am not your typical website designer / marketer, I have been designing and learning the tricks of the trade since 2005 and I grew up with computers from around 10 years old. I have always been interested in web design and marketing and for many years I have made my own sites, made them profitable and sold them. I have also designed websites for friends and family when they needed something done.

I do NOT take on every website design client that comes my way and I do not take on clients that are local competitors to my current clients.  First I make sure the person asking me for work is someone who has good customer references, and a good business ethic, because I will not put my name on something or help someone who does bad work or has poor customer service. I also make sure I can talk to my clients and they understand me, because without good communication there is no point in starting. I have several other factors that I check to see if potential clients and I will be a good match and if everything is good then I will let you know if I can help your business.

     I will take my time and explain how everything works and let you decide what services you want. I will get an idea of what work you would like done and figure out how much time I will have in your project and give you an estimate to do the work.

Everything is constantly changing online and what works today may not work tomorrow, but I keep up with all of the developments and can show you what works now and why.

I really enjoy helping and educating local business clients and I will always help and take on a few business clients that need web design and marketing but my passion remains in the Internet Marketing and Product Creation area, so I decided to jump back in and start designing and marketing products again.

If you are interested in hiring me for Web Design or any of my services Look Here

Build A List..

     Now, I finally decided after years of fighting the old saying “the money is in the list” maybe I should really look into list building and as I dug into the topic I found it to be very interesting, much more than I thought it ever would be. It's definitely true… the money is in the list if your list is full of buyers, and that is what your goal should be as an Internet Marketer or any business for that matter. Build a list of people that have purchased from you, give them value and recommend quality products that will help them build their business and make their lives better.


That Bring Us To Today

I truly believe anyone can make a good online income if they do just a few things.

  1. Find a good mentor
  2. Take massive action
  3. Focus – see the project through and don't get sidetracked
  4. Bring value to your customers and clients

That’s it… Sounds simple but it's not!

So my goal is to help you on your journey. Bring quality information and products to you that will help build your business and get you to where you want to be.

I have years of experience running a brick and mortar business with my family, which puts me in a unique position as a product creator, coach and interview/review host… with years of training and experience in the internet marketing niche, along with my design skills and technical knowledge of how to setup WordPress sites in my sleep, I want to help you build your business!

I will bring you valuable information to help you in your business.

Thank you for being here!

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